Do you guarantee confidentiality / do you sign NDAs?

We use a large pool of vetted contractors for transcription, editing, and quality control. Each one agrees to our Independent Contractor Agreement, including confidentiality, upon joining the team. They understand that all customer material is confidential, and that they will never work for us again if they release it.

Your source material and intermediate stages of the text are posted temporarily on our password-protected Workshop platform so our workers can access their tasks. Due to our workflow, most workers see just small sections of the transcript, making tracking and penalties easy to enforce, should a problem ever occur -- although to date none has.

If you have a standard NDA, feel free to forward it to us at We will take a look at the terms and see if we can sign it on behalf of our workforce. We are not currently set up to execute additional agreements with individual workers on a per-project basis.

We are not a HIPAA certified company.

See our Privacy Policy for additional information.