Focus Groups

Why transcribe your focus group?

Transcriptions are essential when conducting focus group research. A text copy of your focus group audio or video allows you to quickly analyze the results of your focus group. By recording the audio, it also frees you up during the focus group so that you or the moderator doesn't have to take notes, and can read exactly what was said in greater depth after the event. Focus group transcriptions allow you to quickly reference material and are easy to search so you don't have to spend hours fast-forwarding and rewinding your audio. We highly recommend adding timestamps to your transcription order in case you want to be able to easily listen to the original audio or video recording when needed while analyzing your data.

Tips for getting the best results

We have an entire blog entry about [The Elements of an Effective Focus Group]( with lots of helpful tips. A few key takeways -- don't have too many people in the group, and make sure everyone can be clearly heard by the mic. The more you can limit background noise, the better.

What will my focus group transcription look like?

We provide multiple formats for your final transcription, including Word Doc, and text files. If there a numerous focus group participants we will label them as Participant and Moderator, which speeds up turnaround time for your transcripts.

Does it cost extra?

Focus group transcription services costs the same as our regular transcription services. Occasionally we ask that you add on the Difficult Audio upgrade if the focus group is difficult to transcribe due to background noise, or hard to hear speakers. We will email you if that is the case, and most focus group audio recordings don't require this upgrade.

How do I order a focus group transcription?

Just head to our order page to get started. You can upload your file, provide a URL or use Dropbox to place your order. We recommend you check any tags that apply to your audio, such as "Focus Group". If you would like every single utterance captured, please make sure to order "Fully Verbatim" as well.

Focus group transcriptions often have many speakers who can be hard to distinguish, so we highly recommend just labeling speakers as Participant and Moderator, which helps speed up the turnaround time of transcripts. We also recommend adding in timestamps so you can quickly refer to the original audio when needed.

To learn about how to run an effective focus group, check out our blog post
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