Using FTP with CastingWords

Listen to audio | Transcription by CastingWords
Rachel Pearson: [0:00] This is Rachel from CastingWords and I'm going to show you how to upload files to using "FileZilla."

[0:08] First, you open up FileZilla. Enter in the host, which is Username is your CastingWords login email address and your CastingWords password. Then, youhit Quickconnect.

[0:24] It's connected successfully.

[0:27] You can view the messages over here. It says "Directory Listed Successful." Up here, it says "Connected." If it doesn't connect, your password's probably incorrect. Now, we navigate to the files you want to upload…Mine's in my iTunes directory. Down here are the contents of the folder -- I want to move test.mp3.

[0:56] I just drag and drop it over here. Down at the bottom, it shows the status of the file transfer. My file's finished transferring. Your files will probably take a lot longer. I'm using a really short file for this demo.

[1:10] Now, we go to and login.

[1:28] Go to "My Uploads" and there's my file. Now, you can go ahead and place an order. I hope this helps you FTP files to CastingWords and thank you for your business.

Note: This video uses our old password scheme we've updated this because of security concerns. We no longer use your account password but rather take an auto generated password - which you can get from your account settings page. Additionally the address of the ftp server is now