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How to Make the Most of Your Webinar Material

Completing a webinar can be difficult and feel like enough of a process all on its own! But once you have a full hour (or more) of educational material, it behooves you to continue to put that content to work for you going forward. Webinars can continue to be useful after completion, serving your company in unforeseen ways. You just have to think a little bit outside the conventional format.…

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How Can Your Business Use Transcription Services?

Here at CastingWords, we want to provide a text counterpart for every type of audio and video recording our customers can produce. We provide reliable transcription services to our customers so they can keep focusing on what matters to them; their own businesses and lives. A good percentage of our customers come to us with occasional projects, ordering one or two transcripts here and there. But some businesses come back time and time again, relying on our help with large quantities of material and recurring projects.…

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