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Sample Recordings in Different Environments

A couple of years ago, our Audio Recording Tips post offered information on factors that influence the quality of your recording. Today we have some sample clips produced in different environments, so you can hear for yourself. Podcast Quality This is the goal! You don’t have to have a recording studio or professional equipment to produce high quality audio, but you do need a quiet room and adequate mic(s). Avoid ambient noises and make sure everyone is individually mic’d or close enough to the recording device to be clearly heard.…

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Four Recording Devices We Recommend

Ready to move beyond cell phone recordings? Read on! Four Recording Devices That We Recommend Digital recording devices vary widely in terms of their features and the level of technical expertise required…and of course new products are constantly being released! Some devices trade off physical ease of use for more memory space. Others may have plenty of disc space, only to run into issues when connecting to your comptuer or other external device in order to share your files.…

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Audio Recording Tips

High quality recordings will not only result in more accurate transcriptions – with fewer words tagged as inaudible – they may also turn around more quickly, and may even be less expensive, since high quality audio does not require the Difficult Audio upgrade. Here are some tips for producing high quality recordings. A few are device specific, e.g., laptop, smartphone, or digital recorder, but we’ll start with the more general tips that may be applied to almost any device, environment, or situation.…

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Microphones, Mixers & Digital Recorders

There are many mic brands and models out there, too numerous to review here (and there are plenty of reviews already). The only one we can personally recommend from experience is a Shure SM57 – the audio industry’s workhorse – the mic of choice for the White House press room, touring musicians and countless radio station field reporters.

If you only need one mic, it is well worth the $99 – it will last for years and years.

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