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Leave a note to the transcribers when placing an order

What is the Notes field for? When you place an order, you will notice an optional “Notes” field on the upload page. This field allows you to leave a comment for the workers who will handle your order. Include helpful info or special requests by leaving a note with your file. What to put in a note Adding notes lets you provide information to help the transcribers and editors who work on your file do a great job.…

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Simplify Order Tracking With a Master Account

Do You Spend Too Much Time Tracking Down Credit Card Transactions? If several of your employees or team members have CastingWords accounts, keeping track of credit card transactions and who placed which order can get confusing. For example, a customer emails CastingWords Support: Hi Guys, I’m looking for the receipt for a charge of $652.50, on my Visa ending with **42. The transaction is dated 10/10/2017. I looked through all of our CastingWords accounts, but can’t find anything in that amount.…

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