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CastingWords or WatchingWords — What's the Difference?

Regular readers will recall when CastingWords launched its new service, WatchingWords.com, and later the WatchingWords Blog. You have material to transcribe, whether a professionally produced promotional spot, your latest podcast episode, a back catalog of classroom lectures, a quick chat captured on your smartphone, or pretty much anything else. How do you know which transcription service is right for you? Photo by Austin Distel What’s the difference? What is the difference between CastingWords and WatchingWords, and which one should you use?…

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WatchingWords has its own blog!

Join us in saying hello to a brand new blog! Earlier this year, CastingWords launched its new service, WatchingWords.com, offering Transcription as a Service with one-time setup, full-time convenience. We are now proud to announce the new WatchingWords Blog, which will look at topics of interest to WatchingWords customers. Click to read the very first post, What kind of transcription service is right for you? which looks at four points to consider when choosing between human and machine transcription services.…

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Why CastingWords Will Always Use Real People

CastingWords has recently added technology that uses artificial intelligence to transcribe recordings. We are happy with the technology; it is cost-effective, helps our customers save money, and increases our productivity. But it can never replace our professional human transcriptionists! “Even though we have the tech, we will always use real people,” said Rachel Pearson, co-founder of CastingWords. “They bring too much to the table.” Here are 10 reasons why our transcribers are irreplaceable:…

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