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Recording Zoom Meetings For CastingWords Transcription Service

Why Record and Transcribe? Today’s reality of virtual meetings and working from home has introduced a whole new set of challenges into your workday. Transcription services can help take one task off your plate by converting your audio or video recordings into neat, searchable text documents. Whether you’re attending board meetings, conducting interviews, or meeting with individual colleagues, taming those hours of conversation into manageable text will save you time and keep you organized.…

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I Need My Transcript In Under 24 Hours, can I get rush service?

I need my transcript ASAP! In under 24 hours if possible. Can I request a “RUSH” order? While we cannot guarantee less than 24-hour turnaround, there are a few things you can be do to make sure your order is transcribed and delivered in the absolute minimum amount of time possible. Got a need for speed? Read on! (Photo by Alessio Lin) First, if your order has already been placed, in most cases it’s too late to rush completion.…

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Audio Recording Tips

High quality recordings will not only result in more accurate transcriptions – with fewer words tagged as inaudible – they may also turn around more quickly, and may even be less expensive, since high quality audio does not require the Difficult Audio upgrade. Here are some tips for producing high quality recordings. A few are device specific, e.g., laptop, smartphone, or digital recorder, but we’ll start with the more general tips that may be applied to almost any device, environment, or situation.…

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