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Sample Recordings in Different Environments

A couple of years ago, our Audio Recording Tips post offered information on factors that influence the quality of your recording. Today we have some sample clips produced in different environments, so you can hear for yourself. Podcast Quality This is the goal! You don’t have to have a recording studio or professional equipment to produce high quality audio, but you do need a quiet room and adequate mic(s). Avoid ambient noises and make sure everyone is individually mic’d or close enough to the recording device to be clearly heard.…

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New Feature! Trim your media file when placing an order

Photo by Michael Dziedzic Sometimes your recording includes more material than you actually want us to transcribe. There may be a few minutes of unrelated conversation before an interview gets underway, or a period of off-mic chit-chat after an event wraps up, or you may have recorded a whole seminar, but only need to transcribe one of the speakers. Many customers trim the file themselves, prior to upload, and that’s great.…

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