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Transcription and Challenging Audio

The Difficult Audio upgrade is an optional upgrade when you order transcription services. How do you know when to add it, and why should you use it at all? What the Difficult Audio upgrade does CastingWords uses the additional fee from the Difficult Audio upgrade to increase the pay to our workers who handle your material at every stage of processing. Adding the upgrade does not reinstate the guarantee on our 1-Week or 1-Day products (challenging material does still take longer to process), but it assures the smoothest possible turnaround in any given case – often to within the desired timeframe.…

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Audio Recording Tips

High quality recordings will not only result in more accurate transcriptions – with fewer words tagged as inaudible – they may also turn around more quickly, and may even be less expensive, since high quality audio does not require the Difficult Audio upgrade. Here are some tips for producing high quality recordings. A few are device specific, e.g., laptop, smartphone, or digital recorder, but we’ll start with the more general tips that may be applied to almost any device, environment, or situation.…

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